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Part 2 Architectural student at The University of Greenwich

Friday, 30 November 2012

OVERLAY TEST - Movement Vectors

Using the movement vector model as a test to overlay as an Augmented object in Canary Wharf

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

SPACE ‐ TIME ANALYSIS Movement Expression

I'm trying to learn 3ds Max to help me this year to produce some 3D animations for my final film. I may still model in Revit and try to import into 3dsMax, as those 2 programs have the best link, so it will be easier than using Blender or Cinema 4D. Above is my first attempt at modelling in 3ds Max, the model is based on the movement vectors in the drawing series.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Thesis Outline & Diagram

Thesis Outline

  • Augmented reality applications at present, how they differ, what they can do. (Wikitube, Total Immersion, Junaio, ViewAR, etc)
  • The present software visual of augmented reality verses Film/Hollywood’s impression of augmented reality
  • What’s the future of Augmented reality (based on interviews with industry developers)
  • Augmented Testing – Recording the process of Setting up and Deploying Augmented Images, Models, Video through a range of Augmented Software
  • Future of Augmented Reality based on my feedback from the interviews, testing the different software performance and limitations for myself, range of software and hardware advancement within and related to AR technology (Gaming industry advancement, Vuzix glasses, Google glasses, Mobile processing speeds, Augmented SDk advancement)
  • In what ways will Augmented reality have an affect on architecture – Visualisation methods, Augmenting the city, Advantages within the built environment

Friday, 9 November 2012

SPACE ‐ TIME ANALYSIS Movement Drawings

Analysis of the DLR stopping at Canary Wharf during the first 12mins of Rush Hour over all 6 Platforms. The drawings highlight individual movement paths off the different trains and the routes taken passing through the concourse level. Movement of the passengers was recorded on video and mapping expressed from the footage taken. 

Each drawing covers the time when a train or trains enter Canary Wharf:

8 AM

8:01 AM

8:02 AM

8:04 AM

8:06 AM

8:08 AM

8:10 AM

8:12 AM

Collage of the Movement to follow.