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Thursday, 31 January 2013

AUGMENTED SPACES 2 - Development

Ship Development:
Perspective Views 

User Views

Slave Hut Development:
Perspective Views

 User Views

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Developing the augmented interventions proposed in the last pages of my January portfolio and film scenes. These interventions are based on the historic models made, the fragmentation of these models will be shown in future sheets. The proposed fragmented spaces below highlight the full view of the spaces as well as the point of view the user will experience. 

Windmill Development:
Perspective Views

User Views

Chains Development:
Perspective views

 User Views

More scene spaces to follow. 

As the project continues, I will show the compositing of these spaces with footage and other VFX.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Development scenes

At the moment it's not in order. The 3 scenes, after the particle breakdown, were already tracked and/or easier to track than the other scenes I have filmed. Compositing has started on the other scenes, so I will try to have other ones up soon. 

The first scene is highlighting West India Quay/Canary Wharf breaking down into sugar particles to represent how this area starts to dissolve back into the grains that made it a site for initial development.

The next scene takes place outside of the Augmented Museum space so the scene still needs to be built up with other advertisements and user programs, for now it's just showing the museum's augmented tour advertisement. 

The last 2 scenes, take place within the Augmented Museum which is an ad-free zone. They highlight the fragmented versions of the models I built up to create an augmented architectural intervention around the user. Both scenes needs text overlays and sound effects to fully express what I want the user to experience.