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Monday, 29 April 2013


My computer has just been off and on rendering since Wednesday. Second last scenes will take about 13-20hrs each. Which means when I re-work the last scene it will take about a day or so to render each camera view. During renders, I have collected sounds and experiences which I will add to the full animatic I hope to finish for Wednesday. I collected some of the sound clips from my re-visit to the Docklands Museum (using my phone to record the equipment used during that time period and some information provided by the museum), On-line Documentaries & Roots (TV series).

Below are images & short clips from the scenes I am rendering

Scene 3 - Slave huts exploding to express the lost of family and community

Scene 4 - Working in the fields producing Sugar

As shown in Wednesday's tutorial, below is the animatic development and different possible camera views of the models I may animate to provide other shots to cut away to as the main camera moves through each space.

Final Scene 5 - Main Moving Shot

Other Angles

Scene 2 - Main Moving Shot

Other Angles
AR Overlay Collages below:
First image was a quick overlay test and the second image was a change in the background and some other small changes. I will spend more time over the next few days trying to overlay one of my scenes into real footage to show the Augmented reality experience. I recorded some new footage on site which I will use to show this, the idea is to show it less immersive than the images below and responding to people's movement through the space.

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